1. Peru Small Business Development Projects in Peru 2008 - 2010

    I just finished serving as a Small Business Development volunteer in the Andean Mountains of Peru.  Here is my story.

  2. Niger Hard to Explain

    one of the hardest parts of the readjustment process has been trying to summarize my experience. people keep asking me for the highlights and the low points, the best and the worst - but how can you summarize 27 months of living abroad with the peace corps?  this video is my attempt to capture one of the most challenging and wonderful experiences i've ever known, and an homage to a country and people i'll never forget...   music: "hard to explain" by The Strokes

  3. Guatemala The San Marcos Market

    I love my trips to the market. Although there is a grocery store in San Marcos, selling many of the same goods, I always prefer to go to the market for the human interaction and to know that most of my money is staying with Guatemalans (the grocery store is owned by Walmart!) Also, the market is just beautiful :)

  4. South Africa South African National Anthem

    The South African National Anthem as sung by students of Gonela Primary School in the Venda area of South Africa. 

  5. Ethiopia An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

    The Girls' Club I worked with as a Volunteer helped me make this video to share with some American students that I was pen pals with.

  6. St. Vincent and the Grenadines A Vincentian Calypsonian

    In 2009, my wife and I were involved in a project at our post in Georgetown, St Vincent, to honor the service of community leaders around the area.  As part of this project we made short videos about each one of them to memorialize them for future generations.  This video is of a local calypsonian, Gao (Godwin Augustus Olliviere), who lives in a village down the road from us.  I hope you enjoy his song and the interview!

  7. Honduras World Map in Honduras

    A fellow volunteer and I completed the classic world map project in small villiage close to out site.  It was a great project to teach the children about geography.  I wanted to show friends and family back home how it works. 

  8. Nicaragua Peace Corps Legacy

    My name is Terri Kempton, and my parents met in the '60's as part of Peace Corps Turkey - then I became a volunteer myself in Nicaragua from 2000-2002. This is my story of how the Peace Corps has changed my life and an entry in the NPCA's video contest. Thanks to my family and Nica 23 for your help and cooperation! The song "Blow out the candle, day is here!" used with permission: Composed by Diego Gonzalez, performed by Diego Gonzalez and Terri Kempton, produced/engineered by Terr...

  9. Belize Days Like This-Peace Corps Belize

    Collection of video clips from our life in Belize.

  10. Guatemala Healthy Homes

    One of Peace Corps Guatemala's 6 programs is Healthy Homes. The program aims to improve health conditions in rural Guatemala through health education and the construction of sanitary infrastructure. This video gives a brief introduction to the program.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.