1. Namibia Hopper

    A species of grasshopper found in Namibia. The colors of their shells are brilliant and the photo really does not do their size justice. This one I found hiding in a shrub and it was gracious enough to allow me to get close enough to photograph it.

  2. Liberia Fishing in Lofa

    This is a photo of a neighbor girl who was out waist deep in the lagoon fishing with her grandmother, she came upon this nest and brought it out of the reeds to show me. The sun was setting and everything came out better than I could have planned.

  3. Bangladesh Rickshaw wallah in a flood

    2004 was a terrible rainy season.  Don Chamber Road the main road by my house was totally flooded.  Cars could not really pass, but the rickshaws sure did.   

  4. Costa Rica Sisters

    Two sisters take a break on a bench in Tortugero, Costa Rica.

  5. Madagascar Pretending to be Preggo!

    I've titled this photo Pretending to be Preggo as my counterpart at the health clinic where I help out as a Health Volunteer asked me to pretend to be pregnant for a Women's Day parade they were going to have. The theme of the float was to encourage women to come to the health clinic for pre-natal consultations, why I had to pretend to be pregnant for the float I don't know. But it's a great pic!

  6. Honduras The Art of Making Nacatamales

    My host-grandmother teaching me how to make nacatamales, a traditional Honduran food, in her kitchen hut. These delicious tamales are made with a corn-based dough, seasoned meat, garlic paste, potatoes and wrapped up in banana leaves, then cooked in a large pot over an open fire for several hours. DELICIOUS!

  7. Philippines A Home Sweet Home

    This was certainly one of the best times in my entire life! This was certainly the favorite place that I have lived. Remembering the quiet and profound friendship continues to help me know my center.

  8. Fiji Fire Walking

    An annual Hindi fire walking celebration at a rural Hindu Temple in Fiji

  9. El Salvador Leaving for America

    What an incredible 24 hours of my life. Probably one of the most surreal 24 hours ever. Yesterday I went down to Miguel’s house ready to leave for San Salvador. I never gave it any thought about how it was going to be…and I’m glad I didn’t.Adriana wailed and cried as Miguel prepared to leave. Just like any other day Miguel was up early to milk the cows-one last time. He brought his big bag out and hugged his mom. She cried and so did he. Adelmo continued on with the days chores. Get the milk ...

  10. Costa Rica Oxen bringing our firewood.

    Oxen are often used for transportation and firewood is essential to everyday life, as everyone in my town cooks over a fire. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.